Aqua2use Greywater Treatment Systems

The filtered greywater from a Aqua2use Greywater Treatment System can be stored in a tank, and then reused to flush your toilets, do your laundry and wash your car.

Greywater Treatment System 500

Greywater Treatment System 1000

Greywater Treatment System 1200

GWTS 500 - $8,100

  • Filter up to 150 gallons /day
  • Ideal for Single Family Homes

GWTS 1000 - $9,900

  • Filter up to 250 gallons /day
  • Large Homes and Schools

GWTS 1200 - $11,900

  • Filter up to 300 gallons /day
  • Commercial Buildings

Aqua2use® greywater treatment system applied Matala® progressive filtration for both Mechanical filtration and Biological filtration plus UV-C disinfection. Treated greywater can be reuse for indoor-toilet flushing, laundry as well as outdoor garden irrigation!

Uniqueness of Aqua2use Greywater Treatment System:

  • Low power consumption: +/- 2kWh /KL produced
  • No chemical & disinfectants added
  • No new water needed for backwash
  • Modern design easily integrates with the environment
  • User friendly : process is automatic & self-maintaining
  • Long lasting Matala filter media, no regular replacement needed
  • Progressive biofilter: copes with fluctuating flows & different levels of pollution

Aqua2use Greywater Trestment Systems Test Results

How Aqua2use GWTS Works

Step 1: Collect

The Aqua2use GWTS diverts water from the laundry, wash basins, bath and shower.

Step 2: Filter

Aqua2use GWTS’s state of the art filter mats offer the best filtration available for greywater.

Step 3: Flourish

The filtered water is immediately treated and disinfected and held in a storage tank (not provided) ready to be reused for toilet flushing, laundry, car washing and everyday garden irrigation. 

The Aqua2use Greywater Treatment system collects the domestic wastewater from your bath, shower, laundry, and hand wash basins. The treatment system then applies progressive filtration for both mechanical and biological filtration plus UV-C disinfection. Once the greywater is treated and disinfected, it is held in a storage tank ready to be reused at any time for toilet flushing, laundry, car washing and everyday garden irrigation. It not only saves water, but also reduces the energy of transporting full amounts of wastewater to the sewage treatment plant. Your actions today determine how the world is going to be tomorrow!

Greywater Treatment Systems How it Works Graphic

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Review for Aqua2use GWDD
Aqua2use -- great service!

I’ve used my Aqua2use for about 6 years with no problem. A few months ago it stopped working. I called Remy and he diagnosed the problem and shipped me a new pump and controller. I installed them (very easy) but still had a problem with the controller. I contacted Remy and he shipped me a new one right away. Now the unit is back in service working exactly as it should. Thanks, Remy!

Review for Aqua2use GWDD
Perfect Off Grid Solution for Grey Water

We have been utilizing this system perfectly for over a year now! We could not be happier with it. All of our sustainable housing systems will feature this technology. The staff is super helpful and very friendly. We are a small nonprofit, and every dollar counts. Water Wise Group went above and beyond for us, and we couldn’t be happier! Glenn Grootegoed Founder Warrior Homesteads

Review for Aqua2use GWTS
Review for Aqua2use GWTS and GWDD

Our company purchased the Aqua2Use GWTS and GWDD system for a graywater recycling project in Alaska. Both products operated well, and as advertised. Customer service was excellent and we appreciated the follow up assistance we received from Remy and the manufacturers.

Review for Aqua2use GWDD
Review for Aqua2use GWDD

Excellent customer service! Responds quickly to resolve troubleshooting issues and will work direct with our customers to make sure their system is working as needed. Remy has a great understanding of greywater issues and the Aqua2Use GWDD is an exceptional product. Jon Kennedy

Review for Aqua2use Gravity
The best for off grid living!

We purchased an Aqua2use Gravity system for our off grid tiny home, and we absolutely love it. It’s great peace of mind to know that our greywater is being taken care of, and helps water our inedible flower beds—true recycling. A must-have for any person living off grid!

Review for Aqua2use GWDD
Water Wise Group is Professional and Takes Care of Us & Our Customers!

Remy with Water Wise Group makes being a Dealer a breeze! Immediate invoicing per our request, immediate shipment and tracking#’s sent when possible, and he’s a wealth of knowledge on all things greywater. Thank you for your excellent service! Sincerely, Tiny Houses Inside

Review for Aqua2use GWDD
Works Great

My GWDD system is working fine. Wish we could produce more secondary water, but nice to know we are using our water twice. Some problems with discharge pipe sizes, and also wish I could have paid closer attention to “heating the interior pipe that had to make the terrible bend. But up and running and happy about that.

Review for Aqua2use GWDD
Great customer service!

We highly recommend Water Wise Group for quality and prompt customer service. They responded immediately and quickly sent us a replacement part needed for an Aqua2use unit — we got it just in time for the inspection!