Greywater Systems for Residential and Commercial Use

Our Greywater Systems allow you to use your greywater for outdoor irrigation or indoor use.
No more water restrictions!

Benefits of Greywater Systems

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Save Money
The average family spends 30-70%, depending on the climate in your zone, of their monthly water bill on outdoor irrigation. Save that 30-70% with the Aqua2use greywater filtration system, not only saving you some green, but making your yard green at the same time!
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Conserve Water
The use of an Aqua2use greywater filtration system saves the average family of four up to 40,000 gallons of water per year. This is achieved by using the greywater that normally flows right back down your drain or sewer to safely irrigate your plants and yard.
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Eco-Friendly Home
Whether you have a tiny home, regular-sized home, or off-the-grid home, our greywater systems provide an environmentally-friendly option for reusing your greywater. Install our Aqua2use Greywater System and make your home more green.

The Choice Made Simple:
Greywater Diversion Devices vs. Greywater Treatment Systems

Comparison Chart

Compare our Greywater Diversion Devices (GWDD) and Greywater Treatment Systems (GWTS) features to make your selection.

At a glance: Our Aqua2use Greywater Diversion Devices are ideal for recycling water from your washing machine, shower, and bathroom sinks to irrigate your yard or garden. The progressive Matala filtration system safely removes impurities from the greywater for use in your yard. Our Aqua2use Greywater Treatment Systems, similar to the Greywater Diversion Devices, can recycle and filter greywater from your home and use it to irrigate your yard or garden, but can also recycle, treat, and store the water for reuse in your home or commercial property.

The chart below is a helpful tool to refer to if you are making a decision between products in our Greywater Diversion Devices product line and our Greywater Treatment Systems product line.

Greywater Diversion Device and Greywater Treatment System Comparison Graphic

SystemsGreywater Diversion Devices (GWDD)
Model Gravity Greywater Diversion Devices
Aqua2use Gravity
Greywater Diversion Devices
Aqua2use GWDD
Pro Greywater Diversion Devices
Aqua2use Pro
CategoryHomesHomesLarge Homes
Pump/TreatmentNo Pump
No Treatment
No Treatment
Strong Pump
No Treatment
Flexible Installation
Energy Efficient
Fully Automated
Low Maintenance
Easy to Clean
Built in Overflow
No Chemicals
Outdoor Use
– Works w/ Drip Line
Indoor Use
– Flush Toilets
– Laundry
– Wash Car
– Can Store Water

The Greywater Way





Join satisfied customers everywhere and become part of the rapidly growing Aqua2use family. We are revolutionizing the residential home use of greywater for irrigation, making systems that everyone can own that are low maintenance, compact, automatic and most of all affordable. The Aqua2use Greywater System is the most efficient and advanced greywater diversion device available on the market. It works with your existing plumbing and connects easily to your drip irrigation system.

Greywater Drop

Save Water with the Aqua2use Greywater System

The Aqua2use Greywater System can recycle water coming from the washing machine, shower, bath, or bathroom sink. You don’t have to connect all the fixtures in your home to the Aqua2use to start saving water. By only connecting your washer, you will recycle 25 gallons of water with each load. Each time you take a shower or do a load of laundry, you water your garden. With the Aqua2use Greywater System, an average family of four can save up to 40,000 gallons of water a year.

After using your washing machine, shower, or bathroom sink, that travels from your water pipes into the Greywater System through an inlet on the side of the unit, then the water moves through several layers of filtration. When the tank is full of greywater, the pump is activated which diverts the water through an outlet, and finally, leads the water to your outdoor irrigation system. You can safely use standard 1/4 inch drip tubing to disperse the greywater into your landscape or garden. At the heart of the Greywater System are the progressive Matala filters. The Aqua2use contains six layers of Matala filtration to intercept all lint, hair, and impurities. Maintenance of the Aqua2use Greywater System is simple, every four to six months, depending on how much greywater you use, you will simply need to hose down the filters and replace them in the unit.

Inside of the Aqua2use Greywater System, there is a built in 3-way diverter valve which allows you to send greywater to the Aqua2use unit or divert the water back to the sewer. The outlet which drains greywater back to the sewer is also connected to the overflow basket in the Aqua2use Greywater System. If too much water is coming to the unit, then the greywater will automatically flow back to the sewer. The pump will only run when the tank is full, or when activated by a controller after 24 hours if the tank is not completely full. If you do not want to use the pump, the Aqua2use can also be used as a Gravity System.

Water Wise Group, Inc. Receives Top-10 Green Products Award

Water Wise Group, Inc. is extremely proud to be recognized by BuildingGreen for the Top-10 Green Building Products award for our Greywater Systems. We are a small-town company working to achieve great things, including expanding our business to serve areas across the US, and educating people about the long list of benefits of installing a Greywater System in both residential and commercial properties.

BuildingGreen is a company which offers resources and consulting services to building-industry professionals. Their goal is to improve the environmental performance of construction projects, and bringing the built environment into harmony with the natural environment. They have awarded the Water Wise Group’s Greywater Systems as some of the Top-10 Green Building Products for 2012. View more information about the Top-10 Green Building award here.

Building Green top-10

Aqua2use Graywater System from Water Wise Group collects water from the shower, laundry, lavatory sinks, and bath and channels it through a four-stage filtration system into a 21-gallon polyethylene tank to create water suitable for outdoor irrigation. The system’s control box automatically triggers the pump when the tank is filled to distribute the water to irrigation lines; it can also be configured in some situations to rely exclusively on gravity flow instead of a pump.

— BuildingGreen, Top-10 Green Products Award