Aqua2use Greywater Diversion Device

Greywater Systems for Outdoor Irrigation. The Aqua2use Gravity and GWDD are the ideal systems for single family homes.

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Greywater Diversion Device Gravity

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Greywater Diversion Device with Pump
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Aqua2use Greywater Systems

With its unique State of the Art Progressive 4 Stage Filtration system, the Aqua2use will remove all the lint and debris, and your greywater will be suitable to use with your drip irrigation system.

Features of Aqua2use Greywater Systems

The Aqua2use Greywater System comes with many features and benefits:

  • Fully automated system
  • Compact device (Length 24″, Width 15″, Height 20″) – can be installed in crawl space
  • The system can be installed either above ground, half-submerged in the ground, or underground
  • Easy to connect inlet and overflow
  • Built-in overflow safety system
  • State of the Art Progressive 4 Stage Filtration
  • Built-in dry run pump protection, preventing clogging and damage to the pump
  • Submersible pump with integrated Electronic Pump Controller(EPC)
  • Diverter valve included
  • Easy to clean – just hose the filters every six months
  • UV resistant
  • WaterMark approved
  • Approved for gravity installations – can be used with or without the pump

A Unique Filtration System

State of the Art Progressive Filtration.
• Cross-Flow depth filtration: each filter web has a 3-dimensional structure, able to trap a high volume of impurities without plugging.
• Multichamber plug flow concept: If the first filter web gets clogged the filtration is done by the 2nd and 3rd filter web. If the second web gets clogged, the filtration is done by the 3rd filter web.
• Solid removal: up to 75% for pump operated unit, 90% for gravity unit

How Aqua2use GWDD Works

Step 1: Collect

The Aqua2use GWDD diverts water from the laundry, wash basins, bath and shower.

Step 2: Filter

Aqua2use GWDD’s state of the art, long lasting filter mats offer the best filtration available for greywater.

Step 3: Flourish

The filtered water is immediately and automatically pumped via subsurface dripper irrigation to your plants keeping them healthy and green.

Aqua2use® greywater diverter captures and pre-filters your recycled bath, shower, wash basin and laundry greywater, diverting it from going into your septic or sewage system. This now filtered greywater can be used to irrigate your lawn and garden. Saving you water and providing your plants with nutrient rich greywater, as well as reducing the energy of transporting full amounts of wastewater to the sewage treatment plant. Aqua2use® GWDD is the best greywater recycling system and is designed with the goal of simple installation, easy maintain and affordable cost. Your actions today determine how the world is going to be tomorrow!

Technical Components of the Aqua2use Greywater System

Aqua2use Greywater Diversion Device Components

Aqua2use Greywater System Dimensions

Greywater Diversion Device Dimensions

A Pump Designed for Greywater

1. There is no single float to turn it on and off. There are two magnetic micro floats that activate the control box that senses the water level.  This allows for the full capacity of the tank to be used, it allows for a full flow of water to be distributed thus filling your drip tube and importantly reaching the end of your drip tube line. It also means that the pump isn’t cycling (switching on and off) unnecessarily and that the full surface area of the filters is exposed to the incoming greywater.

2. The control box switches the pump on independently of the magnetic floats. This makes sure the minimum residual is remaining in the tank.

3. There are no external timers in the Aqua2use. Other units may have to rely on external timers to make sure any residual is pumped out within 24 hours. The Aqua2use control box automatically turns on the pump to see if there is any residual water.

Aqua2use Greywater System Pump Performance Curve

Greywater Diversion Device Pump Specifications
Greywater Diversion Device Performance Curve

Aqua2use Greywater Filtration

  • Step 1: When the Aqua2use GWDD valve is open, greywater flows directly to the mains sewage.
  • Step 2: When the Aqua2use GWDD valve is closed, greywater from the house is diverted to the inlet of the filter.
  • Step 3: The greywater flows through the 1st filter web that retains major and medium particles such as hair, lint, paper, detergent clogs, and other impurities. (The filter web: Matala Black – low density, Matala Green – medium density)
  • Step 4: The greywater flows through the 2nd filter web that retains medium and small particles. (The filter web: Matala Green – medium density, Matala Blue – high density)
  • Step 5: The greywater flows through the 3rd filter web that retains small and minor particles. (The filter web: Matala Blue – high density. Matala Gray – super high density)
  • Step 6: Filtered greywater is pumped to the irrigation.
Greywater Diversion Device Filtration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Aqua2use GWDD?

The Aqua2use GWDD is the most advanced Grey Water Diversion Device available. It is designed to help you reuse your waste water from your laundry, bath, and shower.

  • How does it work?

It simply diverts grey water from your waste pipe and then filters the water as it passes through the Matala Patented 3-Dimensional Progressive Filter mats.
Then the pumps get activated and diverts the water into your irrigation system.
This all happens automatically.

  • What can I connect my unit to?

The Aqua2use® GWDD is designed to connect to the discharge pipe from the laundry, shower, and bath.

  • Why can’t I connect my sink in the kitchen?

It is not advisable to try to reuse sink water. This water may contain many nutrients, food particles, oil and harsh detergents all are not suitable for reuse. Sink water is considered to be Black Water and should go to waste.

  • Why is the Aqua2use GWDD different than other greywater systems?

The Aqua2use® GWDD is designed to be the most efficient and advanced Grey Water Diversion Device available on the market. It is solely aimed at the professional licensed installer, to make it easy and simple to disperse the wastewater through a subsurface drip system. This is so we can make full use of the wastewater from the shower, laundry, and bath.
The concept was to build a compact economical unit that met the full requirements of State and Government water authorities.

  1.  Thanks to the Matala depth filtration, the unit is extremely efficient in progressive filtration and it can hold 10kg of solids without clogging the filter. (less frequent clean.)
  2. And secondly by filtering the wastewater to make it suitable for drip irrigation application.
  3. There are no external timers in the Aqua2use® GWDD. Other units have to rely on external timers to make sure any residual is pumped out within 24 hours. The Aqua2use® GWDD has a timer function integrated into the electronic pump control.
  4. Designed to have the lowest residual water level possible.
  • What is the guarantee?

All parts and the pump are covered by a 12-month replacement warranty.

  • How often do I have to clean or replace the filters?

Testing in the field has shown that up to 15,850 gallons can pass through the unit before they need cleaning. Recommended cleaning cycle depending on how many people are using the system is every 4-6 months. Dispose of waste thoughtfully and wear protective gloves when cleaning.

We recommend replacing the filters every 3 years.

  • Can I store the greywater after it has been filtered?

It is not advisable to store grey water from any Grey Water Diversion device for more than 24 hours.

  • How big is the tank in the Aqua2use GWDD?

The total capacity of the tank is 21 gallons.

  • Can the unit overflow?

The unit has an inbuilt overflow so if you accidentally leave the power switched off to your unit it will simply send the water to waste. This is a requirement of all water authorities.

  • What are the dimensions?

Length 23.2”, Width 14.6”, Height 19.7”