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Water Wise Group greywater product offerings includes the Aqua2use Greywater Diversion Devices and Aqua2use Pro.

Aqua2use Greywater Diversion Devices

Our Aqua2use Greywater Diversion Devices are ideal for recycling water from your washing machine, shower, and bathroom sinks to irrigate your yard or garden. The progressive Matala filtration system safely removes impurities from the greywater for use in your yard.

Greywater Diversion Device Gravity

Aqua2use Gravity

For Outdoor Irrigation, Compact, No Pump

Greywater Diversion Device with Pump

Aqua2use GWDD

For Outdoor Irrigation, Compact, With Pump

Aqua2use Pro Greywater System

Aqua2use Pro

For Outdoor Irrigation, Larger Tank, Strong Pump

Aqua2use Replacement Filters

Aqua2use Replacement Filters

Set of 6, Works w/ Gravity and GWDD