March Greywater Newsletter

Tiny Homes for Veterans

Warrior Homesteads

Water Wise Group is proud to support Warrior Homestead. Their mission is to provide tiny homes to homeless veterans. We must end Veteran homelessness and, in return, restore dignity and security to the men and women who have served our country.

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Aqua2use Gravity


Our Aqua2use Gravity system is ideal for off-the-grid, tiny and eco-friendly homes. This system doesn’t require a pump to filter greywater, but uses gravity. It is the most cost-effective option for your home.

Greywater Diversion Device Gravity

Greywater Systems & The Tiny House Movement

Tiny House

Thank you to our most recent customers who purchase our Aqua2use Greywater Systems for their tiny homes. Water Wise Group stands for a more environmentally-friendly home and supports the Tiny House Movement.

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Why Choose a Greywater System?

Water Wise Group Greywater Systems 101 Reasons 25

Aqua2use Greywater systems are great for tiny homes, or for any size home, because of its compact size. It can be installed in out-of-the way places, and it can be partially buried if necessary.