November Greywater Newsletter – Happy Thanksgiving!

Mid-Atlantic Tiny House Expo

Mid-Atlantic Tiny House Expo

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Mid-Atlantic Tiny House Expo! It was very busy and successful show. Everyone couldn’t believe how many came out to the Expo. Looking forward to next year!

Greywater Diversion Device How it Works

Greywater Filtration & Recycling Systems: What is it?

Greywater is the water produced during daily household activities like bathing or washing clothes. An efficient way to maximize greywater disposal is through the use of a greywater recycling system. A greywater system filters the water using a highly effective multi-stage filtration system to remove lint, hair and impurities. Instead of traveling through your septic system, the filtered greywater is diverted to flower beds and gardens, creating an efficient irrigation system. These systems generally consist of a unit that is installed outside your home and is connected to your household appliances as well as your home’s irrigation system. Each time you shower or use your appliances, the unit collects and filters the water, removing impurities without the use of chemicals. The filtered water is then delivered via your irrigation system to wherever you need it, including flowerbeds, gardens and landscaping areas. Instead of inefficient greywater disposal, you benefit from recycling what would otherwise be nothing more than wastewater.

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Why Choose a Greywater System?

The Aqua2use has four layers of filtration. The first layer filters major and medium particles such as hair, lint, paper, detergent clogs and other impurities. The second and third layers filters medium and small particles. The forth layer fliters small and minor particles. The results are filtered greywater prefect for irrigation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful time with family and friends!
– Remy, Water Wise Group