April Greywater Newsletter – Save 1000’s of Gallons of Water

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Happy Easter!

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Tiny House

Tiny House Greywater System

A tiny home owner who installs a greywater system saves 1000’s of gallons of water per year by purifying and recycling their greywater into a garden and landscape. Water is an essential and precious commodity. In many places water is becoming a scarcity and reusing your greywater is not only economical, it is environmentally friendly.

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Greywater System Compare Chart

Greywater Diversion Devices Compare Chart

Which Aqua2use Greywater System is right for you? Compare our three different Greywater Diversion Devices. They are ideal for recycling water from your washing machine, shower, and bathroom sinks to irrigate your yard or garden. The progressive Matala filtration system safely removes impurities from the greywater for use in your yard or commercial property.

Why Choose a Greywater System?

Plants and tress can filter greywater and use the nutrients to fertilize themselves.

Greywater is not clean in the sense that it contains soap, hair, dirt, bacteria, food, grease and other household cleaning products, but it is clean enough to be reused. If such water is released into lakes and ponds and other bodies of water it can pollute them, but plants and trees can filter the water and use the nutrients to fertilize themselves. Depending on the climate Greywater can also be filtered into garden ponds.