May Greywater Newsletter – Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Water Wise Group would like to take the time to give appreciation to all the Moms out there for all that they do. Happy Mother’s Day!

– Remy, Water Wise Group


“Small is Beautiful – A Tiny House Documentary” on NetFlix

“Small is Beautiful – A Tiny House Documentary” on NetFlix

Thinking of a Tiny Home? Watch “Small is Beautiful – A Tiny House Documentary” on NetFlix and discover 4 people’s journey into the tiny house movement. All four now live in tiny homes they own outright.

The tiny house movement encourages people to build sustainable, self-sufficient homes, and many of these homes are built off the grid. Solar powered, rain catchment, greywater recycling, composting toilets. etc. This is what makes the Aqua2Use Graywater system ideal for tiny homes.

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Greywater System for Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties use a lot of water, espcially hotels, motels, and resorts which need to keep beautiful landscape year round. Recycling water can save these types of businesses money by recycling their water to irrigate the landscapes with the Aqua2use Pro.

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Why Choose a Greywater System?

An Aqua2use Greaywater System can be installed quickly and easily by one of our local installers.

Water Wise Group has installers all over the US. Use our installer locator to find a local installer. No preferred installer in your area? You can call your local plumber! The Aqua2use Grey Water System is easy to assemble and to connect to standard plumbing pipes.