Greywater Education

What is Greywater? Your questions answered.

Greywater System Benefits

Greywater Systems Help the Earth, Your Wallet and Your Home

Recently named one of the top 10 Earth-friendly products on the market, Aqua2use greywater system filters wastewater from washing machines, bathtubs and showers for garden irrigation. A homeowner who installs a greywater system saves up to 40,000 gallons of water per year, resulting in much lower water bills. Homeowners who have septic tanks instead of sewers appreciate that greywater systems prolong the lives of their tanks; in fact, many Water Wise Group customers purchase greywater systems for that very purpose. A primary benefit of using a greywater system is lowered water usage. Because it makes use of recycled water, it can significantly reduce your overall water consumption and your water bill. You’re likely to see a major decrease in your bill, especially during the warm weather months when most outdoor watering takes place. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can water your garden or lawn as often as you wish, without worrying about money swirling down the drain. You’ll be creating the water supply you need every time you take a shower or do your laundry. If you’re like a lot of your friends and neighbors these days, recycling is a part of your everyday life. You recycle cans, bottles, paper, car batteries and motor oil. By installing a greywater system from Water Wise Group, you can recycle water from bathing or washing clothes that would otherwise go straight to a sewer or septic system. In the process, you can save up to 40,000 gallons of water each year.

Greywater and Irrigation

Greywater Diversion Device FiltrationWith a greywater system, your water passes through a multi-stage filtration system which effectively removes debris. The system connects directly to your irrigation line, so the filtered greywater is diverted to where you need it, such as to flower beds and gardens. The recycled water is completely safe, and in some instances, even provides vital nutrients which can aid in plant growth.



Greywater is Beneficial and Safe for Plants

Do you want to turn your brown thumbs green, but worry about using massive amounts of water? Install an Aqua2use greywater system and watch your plants thrive and your water bill drop. You don’t have to worry about greywater systems harming your plants. In fact, our greywater systems leave some soap in the filtered water because it encourages growth and adds nutrients to your garden’s soil. If you’re using a washing machine as your greywater source, simply switch to a low or no phosphorous detergent for maximum safety. Do not use greywater on vegetables.

Greywater Systems Help Turn Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Home

An Eco-Home uses technology to build in a way that reduces energy consumption and waste. By adding a greywater system by Aqua2use, you can drastically affect the amount of water you waste by up to 40,000 gallons a year. This process also allows the water your plants aren’t able to absorb to replenish the rapidly diminishing groundwater table.  

Greywater Systems Help Manage Dry Soil Problems

Growing a garden successfully requires appropriate amounts of sun, soil and water. Different varieties of flora thrive in different environments; for example, shrub roses and lavender like it sunny, hot and dry, while hydrangea is shade-tolerant and prefers “wet feet” (that’s moist soil). The best gardens make use of their natural assets and don’t attempt to force growth in unsuitable conditions.

Even plants that like hot sun and dry soil need water. A popular alternative to in-ground sprinkler systems are drip lines connected to our greywater systems. Aqua2use greywater systems filter certain household water waste and distribute it in the garden through a drip irrigation hose. Greywater comes from baths, showers and clothes washers, and using this wastewater in the garden offers numerous benefits from improved plant health to increased water conservation.

Greywater Systems and Watering Plants

Establishing a freshly planted garden requires regular, thorough watering — especially at the beginning — and our greywater systems accomplish both goals nicely. A major advantage to the Aqua2use greywater systems is that even in times of drought – when water use is frequently restricted – gardens can continue to thrive. Even when water is plentiful, drip irrigation hoses hooked up to our greywater systems ensure a steady supply of nutrients to the plant’s roots, increasing the likelihood that the plant will take to its new environment.

Greywater Systems for Residential Home Garden

Like many hobbies, gardening requires patience as well as trial and error. Nevertheless, a well planned garden responsibly managed by its owner offers beautiful views, increased property value and a sense of accomplishment.