November Greywater Newsletter

Product Spotlight: Aqua2use Gravity

The Aqua2use Gravity uses gravity, rather than a pump, to distribute your filtered greywater. This provides the most affordable option for the home, and works with existing plumbing. No permit is required in California to install our Greywater Systems!
Greywater Diversion Device Gravity
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Why Choose a Greywater System?

101 Reasons Save 40,000 Gallons of Water

That’s water, per gallon, that stays in your pocket!

Save Water with the Aqua2use Greywater System

The Aqua2use Greywater System can recycle water coming from the washing machine, shower, bath, or bathroom sink. You don’t have to connect all the fixtures in your home to the Aqua2use to start saving water. By only connecting your washer, you will recycle 25 gallons of water with each load. Each time you take a shower or do a load of laundry, you water your garden. With the Aqua2use Greywater System, an average family of four can save up to 40,000 gallons of water a year.

Water Wise Group, Inc. Receives Top-10 Green Products Award

Building Green top-10
Water Wise Group is proud to be recognized by BuildingGreen for the Top-10 Green Building Products award for our Greywater Systems! We’re a small-town company working to achieve great things, including expanding our business to serve areas across the US, and educating people about the long list of benefits of installing a Greywater System in both residential and commercial properties.

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