October Greywater Newsletter & Announcements

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The Aqua2use GWTS Treatment Systems is for larger homes, schools or commercial buildings. The filtered greywater can be used to flush your toilets, do your laundry and wash your car. This system processes automatically, is self maintaining and can be connected to your existing storage tank to store water. Now available from Water Wise Group!

Greywater Treatment Systems
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Not only are you reusing water that normally goes down the drain, but your plants will grow and thrive on the nutrients greywater provides.

Filtered water from out Greywater Systems add nutrients to soil

An inside look at how the Aqua2use GWDD (Greywater Diversion Device) works.

Greywater Diversion Device How it Works

A Big THANK YOU to all of our Installers!
Dear Installer,

A Big Thank You to all of our installers and resellers for taking the time to review our new site and updating your company information! If you haven’t had a chance to, please take a moment to visit the site and ensure your company information is listed correctly.

Thank you for being a valuable and important member of our installer and reseller team! Contact me directly if you have any questions or need assistance.